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Paulo Wenceslau Duarte has been writing in a focused, determined, methodical and practical way.


In 2016, two of his creations were given prizes: project and screenplay for series “Cangaço,” winner of the Laboratório de Imersão da Escola de Séries - RJ and selected among 855 projects enrolled for the five to present Rio Content Market’s Drama Pitching live; and for film “Rosário Belém,” winning script for Spcine – SP’s Edital de Roteiros.


As an affiliate of Brazilian Association of Writers Authors (ABRA, Associação Brasileira de Autores Roteiristas), Paulo has sought to increasingly specialize himself by participating in script and storytelling courses in Brazil and abroad, as well as by learning from students’ and their experience in workshops carried out by Paulo himself.


A restless professional, he is always open to new creative partnerships; he and his talent are always available and ready to be a part of artists’ and producers’ groups and projects that are eager to tell relevant and unique stories.






Rosário Belém is a housewife who loses her daughter and, facing authorities’ indifference, decides to investigate the causes of her death by herself.

The “Rosário Belém” screenplay was awarded SpCine’s Doctoring Prize in 2017.

Project: ROSÁRIO BELÉM (Feature Film)

(Drama - Thriller)

Written and created by Paulo Wenceslau Duarte

Exclusive negotiation rights for production under the author’s care


The screenplays written by Paulo Wenceslau Duarte that have been exhibited are:




    Documentary (Short film and Series)

 - SUKUMA – Dreams and Sounds from Africa to Brazil (SUKUMA - Sonhos e Sons da África a Brasil)

    Musical Documentary (Medium length film)



Access the “PROJECTS” tab and click on the respective title for detailed information about each one of them, including additional trailers and videos.






CANGAÇO (Series)

“Cangaço” is a fiction series, an action, adventure and fantasy drama containing 13 52-minute episodes, that takes place in the wild Brazilian northeastern sertão in the 1930s, when the cangaço reached its peak and began to decline.


In a period curiously known as the “deliveries period”, the series shows the adventures of Quelé and Maria Flor. On the one hand, Quelé, a cangaceiro looking for peace in a world of violence, is considered a traitor of Lampião and begins to be persecuted by the police as well as by his former cangaço companions; on the other hand, Maria Flor, a young sertaneja sold by her own mother to a coronel, who vows to avenge the murder of her father. These two lives intersect in an epic story with a historical backdrop, from an aesthetic perspective and contemporary narrative approach, unlike anything the “cangaço cycle” genre has ever seen.


As well as winning the “Rio de Janeiro School of Immersion Laboratory” (“Laboratório de Imersão da Escola de Série – RJ”) and having been chosen for the Rio Content Market’s Drama Pitching 2016 among 855 other projects, the series was meticulously created, written and developed by Paulo Wenceslau Duarte – who, among other things, developed the conceptual drawings of each of the characters one by one, in a work of character design, that is unprecedented and uncommon in the Brazilian market.

Access the pitching shot in the video below.


(Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantasy)

Creation: Paulo Wenceslau Duarte Neto

Pilot Screenplay - Title: “Severed Heads” ("Cabeças Cortadas")

Written by Paulo Wenceslau Duarte

Exclusive negotiation rights for production under the care of Wise Entertainment - Los Angeles






ROSÁRIO BELÉM (Feature Film) 

CANGAÇO (Series) - Pitching - ENGLISH

CANGAÇO (Series) - Pitching - PORTUGUESE


"Brazil of Tragic Love Stories, Violence and Amazement" (Series)

“ANCIENT ARCANA – Brazil of Tragic Love Stories, Violence and Amazement" is a fiction series in Anthology format.

In eight independent episodes, the first season tells stories that contain topics and characters from the history of Brazil that had enormous standing in popular Brazilian imagination in the many different times and regions in which they occurred – and that, although forgotten, are still fascinating and timeless. Telling these stories is still extremely relevant.

​First Season Episodes:


(A Bruxa do Arco do Teles na Roda dos Expostos)

Rio de Janeiro


(A Sociedade Epicuréia) São Paulo

- THE KISS OF HONOR TASTES LIKE BLOOD – The last hours of Euclides da Cunha

("O Beijo da honra tem gosto de sangue na boca da Piedade - As últimas horas de Euclides da Cunha”) Rio de Janeiro

- THE DAY ANTONIO SERAFIM GROWLED AT THE DEVIL'S FACE (O dia em que Antonio Serafim grunhiu na cara do Diabo) Bahia

- MANSO DE PAIVA - THE MURDERER (O Magnicida Manso de Paiva) Rio de Janeiro

- THE LAST SPARKLE IN THE EYE OF JESUÍNO, THE ROMANTIC CANGACEIRO (O último brilho no olho de Jesuíno, o Cangaceiro Romântico) Paraiba

- LUCAS, THE BLACK DEVIL FROM FEIRA DE SANTANA (Lucas, o Demônio Negro de Feira de Santana) Bahia

- THE GHOST FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE BARROS LAGOON (O Fantasma do fundo da Lagoa dos Barros) Rio Grande do Sul

Project: “ANCIENT ARCANA – Brazil of Tragic Love Stories, Violence and Amazement"  (Series)

Drama - Fiction (Fantasy, Horror)

Written and created by Paulo Wenceslau Duarte

Development rights for the series under the care of the author and producer Araça Azul Filmes (Salvador - BA)


"Rented and Haunted” is a series created by Guta Stresser that narrates the dramas of Iris, a real estate broker who has the gift of seeing and making contacts with spirits.
Each house she has to sell or rent carries a story, a drama, a mystery that, from a very particular perspective, must be solved by her, so that the forces of light and darkness can reestablish their balance and exist harmoniously.

With a mixture of suspense, terror and psychological drama, Paulo Wenceslau Duarte wrote the screenplay for the pilot of the series, under the title “Clube dos 27” – that intends to present the main character, her characteristics and her relationship with the other characters, with two narrative perspectives as background: 1) the return of the character to her environment of action (the brokerage house) after two years’ absence; 2) the characters are involved with renting a mansion for a rock band whose former singer committed suicide at age 27. The remaining members intend to make a record as a tribute to him in the house where he killed himself, but it seems that something won’t allow the recordings to be carried out.

Project: RENTED AND HAUNTED (A Corretora)

(Suspense - Psychological Horror - Drama)

Created by: Guta Stresser

Pilot script - Title: “Clube dos 27”

Written by Paulo Wenceslau Duarte

Exclusive negotiation rights for production under the care of 

Areia Produções - Rio de Janeiro


Three teenage friends, who have not seen each other since high school, meet at the wedding of a couple of friends and try to keep up appearances. As the party progresses, they finally relax and find that they have more in common than they imagined: all three of them had been betrayed by their companions. At the end of the party, they decide to join forces to put into practice a plan of revenge against their “ex-husbands”.


A betrayed woman is capable of anything, so just imagine what three betrayed women together are capable of.



Project: CRUSH UNDER HER HEELS (Descontroladas) (Series)


Created by Paulo Wenceslau Duarte

Pilot script and episodes written by Paulo Wenceslau Duarte

Pilot Directed by Paulo Wenceslau Duarte



Exclusive negotiation rights for production under the care of

FM Produções - Rio de Janeiro - Milan (Italy)


(Feature Film)

Taking inspiration from the award-winning short documentary film “Zagati” by Edu Felistoque and Nereu Cerdeira, “Dream Catcher” is a feature film that tells the story of Zé, a garbage collector, who is in love with cinema – and who, with recycled materials and films found in the trash, sets up a cinema for the children from his community, having to confront from unscrupulous politicians to local drug dealers.

The film is a delicate tribute to José Luiz Zagati and the popular Brazilian films that are a part of the lives and imagination of generations of spectators, specially between the 1940s and the 1970s.

Projeto: DREAM CATCHER (Catador de Sonhos) 

(Feature Film) (Drama) (Fiction)

Written by Paulo Wenceslau Duarte

Exclusive negotiation rights for production under the care of

FM Produções - Rio de Janeiro - Milan (Italy)

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